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A fun way to include your dog in the holiday season. This advent calendar has 25 different activities for you and your dog to do together.

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    “These resources are wonderful. Your brand has always been well done and your training, magnificent. You have again hit a home run! ”

    Lise Morgan

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    What is included?

    Beautiful Full Color Advent Calendar,

    25 Fun Activities to do with your dog,

    Complete Instructions for all Activities,

    BONUS - 5 holiday dog cookie recipes

    Let's Take a closer look

    Your dog can only snooze on the couch for so long before they get bored! A bored dog will seek enrichment, which is when naughty destructive behaviors can crop up. Set them up for success by burning off their energy every day with these fun activities.

    This Advent calendar is so simple to use. Most activities use items you probably have lying around the house and can be completed in 10-15 minutes daily.

    Some of the activities are training-based, and others are play-based because your dog doesn't care WHAT you do, just that you are giving them your undivided attention. When you blend play and learning together, it keeps "training" fun for you and your dog.